Red Cross Lifeguard Training

Through classroom learning and hands-on practice, you will learn surveillance skills, rescue skills, first aid training, and professional rescuer CPR.



Prerequisite Requirements

 -15 years old or older.
 -Swim 300 yards continuously using freestyle (front crawl) or breaststroke technique.
-Tread water for 2 min using only the legs.
 -Retrieve 10lb item from a depth of 7-10ft.



2017 Class Schedule

Classes are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for 2 weeks (30 total hours).

Session 1: February 2-11, 2017

Session 2: March 21-24, 2017 (Spring Break)

*Session 2 meets 9am-6pm each day

Session 3: March 30-April 8, 2017

Session 4: May 4-6, 18-20, 2017

*Classes are held on Thursday and Friday from 5:00pm-8:00pm and on Saturday from 9:00am-6:00pm for 2 weeks in a row (30 total hours).




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For more information about
Lifeguard Certification, call 479.756.8090 | ext. 2168

Meredith Cupp
Recreation Coordinator

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